Hi! Im Juliet, but you can just call me Julz. I am self taught in jewelry design and run my small business out of my private jewelry studio California. If you send us an email or a DM chances are your talking to me because I'm super hands on and absolutely love what I do. Making jewelry was actually a fun side hobby I started years ago while I was in College. However, I have always been a creative one since I was very young. You would always find me making something to try to earn some extra cash. If I really want something I try to make it before buying it. The funny thing is I was going to school to be a dental hygienist until I realized I loved doing this more and preferred looking at shiny things over possibly peoples teeth. LOL. Now, in my early 30's I have expanded my side business into a full time career. I want to become the best at what I do as a small Latina owned business and I'm still learning a lot along the way. As I continue to grow I hope to inspire others to find what they are good at. If your job isn't making you happy it's never to late to find the ONE. People will tell you that you cannot do it, and that you will never succeed. Believe me I heard it plenty of times. It's up to you to be patient, trust the process and prove them wrong because you never know when a hobby will turn into something you will love doing the rest of your life. I cannot explain how much doing this excites me everyday. While this journey hasn't been easy I have never given up. I am forever thankful for my family and all my customers who have continued to support my dream. Cheers to you babes!   - Julz